Monday, June 2, 2008

Be True and Love One Another

Lyrics by Stan C. Countz

See that girl over there
With the curls in her hair
The one with the pretty face
With the style and the grace
She's with me

See that guy with those eyes
The one that looks so surprised
The one who's so quiet and shy
He's hard to miss, I can't deny
He's my guy

[Him] She's with me
[Her] He's my guy
[Both] Aren't we a cute couple
[Her] I'm his
[Him] She's mine
[Both] Stay away or there'll be trouble

[Her] I'm his
[Him] She's mine
[Both] Means we're mutually exclusive
[Both] Don't wanna hear no flimsy excuses

[Her] His kiss is so sweet
[Him] Her lips are so enticing
Answer me this: why are we always fighting?
One day we're best friends
The next we've hit a dead end
What's around the next bend?
I think I may see a trend
When will this all end?

Who will mend my broken heart
When it comes apart at the seams
And it's all in pieces?
Who cares about my hopes and dreams?
Whose love never ceases?
Only Jesus; only Jesus

He'll be there when you hit it big
He'll be there when you're in the pits
He'll share your burden not broadcast it
He's not just a hypocrite

He's not just a fair weather friend
He'll stick closer than a brother
He'll stick with you 'til the end
So be true and love one another

He'll always be there for you
No matter what you say or do
Though man may disappoint you
He will always see you through
So be true and love one another

As He loved and gave himself for the church
So should we love and serve one another
And never leave each other in the lurch
You won't find hope and love on a Google search
So be true and love one another

They Called Us Jesus Freaks

Lyrics by Stan C. Countz

It was nineteen seventy one
Livin’ in sin and on the run
When I finally found the Son
Life for me had just begun

It was the strangest thing we’d ever seen
In Time and Newsweek magazine
We hit our knees and hit the streets
And they called us “Jesus Freaks”

Everyone had said that God was dead
Who knew we’d be world shapers?
All we knew was what we read
In the Hollywood Free Paper

Day and night and every week
We hit our knees and hit the streets
Sharin’ with everyone we’d meet
and they called us “Jesus Freaks”

But the church was asleep at the wheel
No one knew how to deal with us
Should they shun us or embrace us?
Run from us or chase us?
There was just no basis for comparison
It must’ve been quite embarrassin’

We witnessed on the streets
and people laughed and stared
They called us “Jesus Freaks”
but we didn’t really care

We’d just turn the other cheek
and keep growin’ out our hair
We knew that He would speak
If we’d just reach out and share

So we prayed a prayer
for our brothers and sisters
Our knees and feet
were gettin’ blisters

We knew He didn’t care
about our Whiskers or our hair
He cared if we’d prepared our heart
That was the start of somethin’ big
And the angels started doin’ a jig

Our world had gone to pieces
and we were “Lost in Space”
We talked about Jesus
‘til we were blue in the face
It was a different time and place
We looked our friends right in the face
Had no place for MySpace or YouTube
Tatoos were taboo; only cowboys cried “yahoo”
And life wasn’t quite so fast-paced
We were still amazed by His “Amazing Grace”

We kept on truckin’ for the Lord
His love it never ceases
We were all in one accord
We were all so high on Jesus
We didn’t need pot or drugs
But we gave and got a lot of hugs

To us, beetles and crickets
weren't just little bugs
We didn't look up to thugs
or idolize Crypts or Bloods

We didn’t think we were entitled
to become an American Idol
Thought only rock stars and movie stars
were suicidal
But we read our Bible
and we knew just how to use it
Had no use for big titles
but we loved this new music
And we didn’t wanna lose it
It was a true revival

And they called us Jesus freaks
We were takin’ it to the streets
To the Jews and to the Greeks
So next time the Spirit speaks
Take the time to listen
You never know what you might be missin’

I’d rather be a freak for Him
Than live my life enslaved to sin
I’d rather seek His holy face
and have His peace and grace

I’d rather be a Jesus Freak
And to walk the golden streets
than be a lost and lonely sheep
or to be where there’s weeping
and gnashing of teeth

They’re lost and on the streets
Searchin for more than something to eat
We gotta get up off of our feet
And get them off of the street
Even if they call us Jesus Freaks

We ain’t nerds and we ain’t geeks
Takin’ His word to the streets
When will we learn to seek
first His kingdom
They’ll never leave the streets
Unless the Spirit brings 'em

We need to turn the other cheek
When they call us a Jesus Freak
Share His word with everyone we meet
Even if they call us a Jesus Freak
And one day we may meet
When were walkin’ on golden streets
And they’ll greet us when they meet us
And thank us for bein’ a Jesus Freak